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Here are some free resources our team of authors has put together to help you on your writing journey

Whether you’re a beginning writer or experienced wordsmith, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge you can unlock in Authors A.I.’s Writers Resource Center. Scroll down to see sections on writing tips, an events calendar, handouts for writers and more.


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“Students in my AP Computer Science Principles class greatly benefited from our discussion of Authors AI. Recently, we completed a unit on the use of data. Now, we study the impact of societal innovations. The report from Marlowe speaks to both. We talked about Plot Structure for best sellers as compared to my novel. One student said, ‘Authors could also use this to pace their plot (the time between dips and highs).’ In this case, my novel closely followed one of the seven archetypes. Win!”

Michael Blackwell
Mathematics instructor, Newberg School District, Oregon