Kristi Belcamino
July 17, 2020

When it comes to getting words down on paper every single day, word sprints are golden. They seem so basic &mbash; set a timer and write during a set time period — but they are magical.

They are not only my defense against distractions, but they also make it easier to sit down in the first place. Who doesn’t have 25 minutes?

So the real magic is that doing a word sprint gets my butt in the chair in the first place, which truly is the biggest hurdle for most writers. And I know that after 25 minutes, I can take a break and get another cup of coffee or check my email or let my dogs outside. What ends up happening every single time is that by the time the buzzer dings, I’m deep into my story and ready to take on another three to four sprints.

Here’s my one-minute tip:


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Kristi Belcamino titles
Kristi Belcamino titles

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