How Marlowe works - Authors A.I.

Get a full analysis from Marlowe in 5 minutes

Step 1. Join our Marlowe Pro plan or Basic plan, or order a Single Report. View your options.

Step 2. Submit your manuscript in MS Word (.doc, .docx) or plain text (.txt). Marlowe critiques any genre, general fiction or literary work. She prefers manuscripts with a minimum length of 20,000 words.

Step 3. Marlowe goes to work and sends back your report by email — usually in less than fifteen minutes — so you can go right to work in using her feedback to update your manuscript.

That’s it in a nutshell. (Marlowe would flag us for that cliché!)

How Marlowe helps you write smarter

1. Our artificial intelligence helps you:

  • Understand the patterns and numbers that underpin your work
  • Visualize your story’s plot structure, rhythm and pacing
  • Spot the words and phrases that you rely on or may overuse — adverbs, adjectives, passive verbs, even clichés.

2. She helps you learn from bestselling authors.

  • Compare your work in progress with data from other titles in her memory banks
  • Pick up tips from bestsellers — from character traits to sentence lengths
  • Check your story rhythm to keep your readers turning pages.

3. She analyzes your work dispassionately so you can:

  • Get an honest, dispassionate critique
  • Distill best practices from popular fiction to shape your storytelling
  • Identify strengths and correct the weaknesses in your work.

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