Marlowe Pro - Authors A.I.

This plan includes:

Two full Marlowe Pro reports per month

Each month, you’re eligible for two Marlowe Pro reports. The reports can be used on any of your novels. Each A.I. analysis costs $45 as a stand-alone report (vs. $29.95/month for the Pro Plan), so this is a great value that comes with your Pro membership. If you don’t use the reports during your month, the credits will roll over to the next month of your subscription.

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Marlowe Basic Reports (Unlimited)

The Marlowe Basic Plan allows you to run your manuscripts through our A.I. at no cost. She’ll provide a 16-page PDF document with feedback on your novel’s readability score, clichés, dialogue percentage, use of explicit words, frequently used adverbs and adjectives and possible misspellings.

Sample Report

Marlowe’s Pro Report includes:

Features in Your A.I. ReportBasicProSingle Report
Sentence stats and readability score
Dialogue vs. narrative usage
Potentially offensive language flagged
Cliche finder
Repetitive phrases
Repeated usage of adverbs
Repeated usage of adjectives
Verb choice and use of passive voice
Possible misspellings
Punctuation data
Subject matter book comps
Linguistic style comps
Four bestseller comps
Narrative arc and plot structure analysis
Story beats placement
Pacing analysis
Major characters’ personality traits
Subject analysis
Explicit content analysis
Bonus Benefits:
Access to Webinar & Special Events
Promo opportunities at

What writers are saying

dee cooper

“I love this! I tested it out on one of my older novels. Nailed it! I do a lot with publishing and this is going to be one of my new favorite tools.”

Dee Cooper
Published author

“I found Marlowe to be an invaluable tool that I’ll be using with all of my future books.”

Alex Grayson
Published author

“This program is AWESOME! I definitely want more than one pass at it. I used my unfinished manuscript to check myself and the feedback is SOOO helpful!”

AD Justice
Romance author

“For the writer serious about a publishing career, Authors AI is an indispensable resource.”

Christine Nolfi
Bestselling author

“I think authors are going to go crazy for Marlowe!”

Samantha Christy
Bestselling romance author

“This tool has been an eye-opener in many different ways. … I loved the report from the first to last line.”

Jamie Summer
Published author
john hindmarsh

“The free report is a gem. It provides a quick assessment, though not as detailed as the main report. Do I really need that many adverbs? Adjectives? Clichés, too. The more detailed report – yes, it costs money – takes some more time to assess. The Plot Structure is the core piece of data and reflects the ups and downs of the characters’ journey. Excellent material for determining whether you’re on course or not.”

John Hindmarsh
Bestselling Sci-Fi author
Ellis Leigh

“Marlowe is a powerful and impressive tool for authors of all levels. Even with over fifty books under my belt, I was able to see where my next manuscript may need a few tweaks to give my readers a more enjoyable experience.”

Ellis Leigh
USA Today bestselling author

“Wow! I LOVE it! The report I received was comprehensive and useful and I’ll definitely be putting into action most of the suggestions given to make my ms even better. Thank you!”

Lucinda Brant
New York Times bestselling author
Sarah Dalton

“Marlowe is a fantastic resource for writers. Not only does it break down the elements of a bestseller, but it shows you the beats of your story, gives you an indication of how accessible your novel is, and hunts out all your overused words and phrases. All of these elements combine to create an indispensable first pass for your novel.”

Sarah Dalton
Bestselling author
“I really love this product. I’m new to fiction writing, but I use corpus linguistic approaches at my job. So these reports really speak my language.”
Ryan Rivers
Aspiring Fiction Author

Sample Reports

Also included in this plan:

Author access to BingeBooks is a reader recommendation, review and book discovery site. Marlowe Pro members have the ability to create an author profile and showcase their novels on the website for sale by book retailers. Here’s a look.

An invitation to join our community

We’re about more than data. Authors A.I. is an online community run by and for authors. Get advice from fellow authors in our Facebook group, which is made up of fellow authors interested in improving their writing, storytelling and book sales.

Ability to attend expert webinars

We aren’t just data geeks — we’re authors, too! Receive invitations to our First Draft Friday events and our live webinars with artificial intelligence experts, editors and bestselling authors as well as bonus materials for your author career.

We've got A's for your Q's

Can I download or print the reports?

Absolutely! Once Marlowe scrutinizes your manuscript and issues a report, it’s emailed to you in the .pdf format. At that point, you can print or download it to your computer for permanent record-keeping.

What’s the difference between a Basic and Pro report?

Scroll up to view the comparison chart.

How long do I have to wait for a report?

In general, less than 15 minutes! Whether you run the Basic or Pro report, Marlowe is programmed to email you your novel’s report within an hour. Be sure to add [email protected] to your contact list to make sure her messages don’t wind up in spam.

Is my Marlowe Pro Plan based on calendar months or credits?

The Marlowe Pro plan renews monthly or annually, based on your selection. Monthly plans renew (and award fresh report credits) on whichever day of the month you initially subscribed. Your report credits will roll over to subsequent months if unused and remain active as long as you are in an active paid subscription plan. The Marlowe Pro annual plan is for 12 calendar months, and then you have the option to renew.

Can I see an example of a full A.I. report?

Of course. Scroll up a bit to the Sample Reports section of this page.

Will I still need an editor or proofreader?

Marlowe’s report offers a great way to understand the structure, pacing and potential of your manuscript. And the report will point out many of the elements that a developmental editor or proofreader might identify, such as story beats, overuse of certain words, possible spelling mistakes and much more.

That said, unless you’re a really good editor as well as a good writer, we recommend that you work with real human beings to edit and proofread your work after you incorporate Marlowe’s feedback. Don’t forget beta readers, too.

Is my privacy or intellectual property or copyright at risk?

No. As authors, we take intellectual property seriously. Authors A.I. will retain an encrypted, password-protected copy of your manuscript strictly for statistical and A.I. developmental purposes. Your manuscript and its report will remain anonymous and protected, and it won’t be available for anyone to access outside of our research environment and development team.

Do I need to be good with technology to use Marlowe?

Not at all! As long as you can convert your manuscript into a Word or plain-text document, you’re good to go. We’ve made the whole process simple for authors. It’s Marlowe and her programmers who perform the technical wizardry.

Can I publish my report online?

Sorry, we’re afraid that’s not allowed under the Terms of Service. However, you’re free to use component parts, such as the graphics, and write about them.

Where can I see what BingeBooks will look like?

Here are several mockups of what the BingeBooks site will look like when it launches.

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