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Virtuous villains and flawed heroes

Andy Maslen and Alessandra Torre discuss how to create complex characters for your novel. How to create characters your readers will love (or love to hate) Conflict is at the heart of all great fiction. Without conflict there is no story. “The cat sat on the mat is not the

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How I learned to stop worrying and love A.I.

The story of how I got past my initial reluctance to use AI to improve my writing When I first heard about Marlowe, the fiction-savvy artificial intelligence from Authors A.I., I experienced two strongly conflicting emotions. Emotion one: An AI can read my entire novel in 15 minutes and tell

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Why authors need a professional book editor

On First Draft Friday, bestselling fantasy author Charlie N. Holmberg and veteran editor Jason Kirk discuss the benefits that a professional book editor can bring to an author’s writing career.

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Pomodoro Method
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Productivity hacks for writers

As writers and authors, productivity is our lifeblood. Here are six productivity tips from a bestselling thriller author who has written more than 65 books.

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