Marlowe helped me figure out the structure of my latest release. I ran two versions through Marlowe and the two-part manuscript hit near perfect narrative beats with the A.I. confirming my own gut feeling. I went with that manuscript and the reviews seems to agree with Marlowe 🙂
sam young
Samantha Young
NY Times bestselling author

“I love this! I tested it out on one of my older novels ... nailed it! I do a lot with publishing and this is going to be one of my new favorite tools.”

dee cooper
Dee Cooper
“Everything was vastly interesting and the plot lines particularly useful for the particular book I submitted.”
Laura Stapleton
Historical fiction & romance author

“Congratulations. I LOVE it! The report I received was comprehensive and useful and I'll definitely be putting into action most of the suggestions given to make my manuscript even better. So thank you!”

Lucinda Brant
NY Times bestselling author
“Marlowe is a powerful and impressive tool for authors of all levels. Even with over fifty books under my belt, I was able to see where my next manuscript may need a few tweaks to give my readers a more enjoyable experience. I'll definitely be using it again!”
Ellis Leigh
Ellis Leigh
USA Today bestselling author

The new short report (free to subscribers) is a gem. It provides a quick assessment, although – because it’s free – not as detailed as the main reporting output. Intriguing. Do I really need that many adverbs? Adjectives?  

“The more detailed report – yes, it costs money – takes some more time to assess. The Plot Structure (it provides a graphed shape of your story) is the core piece of data. It reflects the ups and downs of the characters’ journey. Excellent material for determining whether you’re on course or not. Examine this carefully and you’ll get value. There’s lots more. Have fun!”

john hindmarsh
John Hindmarsh
Science fiction author
“Marlowe is a fantastic resource for writers. Not only does it break down the elements of a bestseller, but it shows you the beats of your story, gives you an indication of how accessible your novel is, and hunts out all your overused words and phrases. All of these elements combine to create a indispensable first pass for your novel.”
Sarah Dalton
Sarah Dalton
Young Adult author
“I was particularly interested in the character traits, repetitive words, and the story arc sections of the report. I think authors are going to go crazy for Marlowe!”
Samantha Christy
Romance author
“I found Marlowe to be an invaluable tool that I’ll be using with all of my future books. The submission was a breeze and the intel it provided was easy to read and beneficial as an indie author. It was amazing seeing my work broken down into literary components and given suggestions on how to make it better. It’s a tool unlike any I’ve seen before. I highly recommend giving it a try.”
Alex Grayson
Published author
“This tool has been an eye-opener in many different ways. It’s in-depth, fast and gives you lots of important pointers on your writing. I loved the report from the first to last line.”
Jamie Summer
Published author
“For the writer serious about a publishing career, Authors AI is an indispensable resource. The program works like a developmental editor, highlighting your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses. I’ve spent decades learning the craft of storytelling. Marlowe can strengthen your skill set in the time it takes to read the report.”
Christine Nolfi
“This is the editorial check a self-published author needs to build a better manuscript. It's a digital extra set of eyes every writer needs in our efforts to create the perfect story before sending it to a professional editor.”
Billie Dale
“The analysis I received from Marlowe was extremely thorough and opened my eyes to things I hadn’t thought about, such as my novel having an underlying theme of work-life balance. This is something I can definitely use when marketing!”
Michelle Cornish
“The visual representation tool is easy to use and invaluable and eye-opening. Seeing the narrative arc and plot turns in graphic form, makes it easy to identify areas to address during editing. Wonderful tool.”
Mel Walker
“The information in the analysis report was invaluable. I was able to spot an issue and rework my manuscript.”
Laura Lucas
Soon-to-be-published author
“Marlowe is a phenomenal tool that helped me keep my manuscript on track. The reports are easy to understand and tremendously helpful.”
Cindy Tanner
Published author