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Industry Pass: Helping authors become more productive

Our A.I.-powered book analysis tool has generated considerable interest from independent publishers, book editors, and educators. The Authors A.I. Industry Pass provides your team, your authors, or your students with important insights into improving their works of fiction.

With an Industry Pass, publishers, editors, and academic institutions can generate up to 25 A.I. analyses per quarter. Each analysis is powered by Marlowe, our artificial intelligence-powered editorial tool.

With an Industry Pass:

  • Your publishing house can review manuscripts that come in over the transom to see which ones are worth pursuing.
  • Your imprint can help the authors who write for your imprint with state-of-the-art A.I. critiques of their manuscripts that take only minutes to perform
  • Instructors can shed new light on classic novels or analyze diverse voices from emerging authors.


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What publishers are saying


“Marlowe has become a wonderful addition to our fiction manuscript review process. Our human assessment paired with the AI analysis allows us to provide authors with a level of feedback they appreciate and gives us, as the potential publisher, a well of information.”

Cortney Donelson
Associate Publisher, Fiction, Morgan James Publishing