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Sentence stats and readability score
Dialogue vs. narrative usage
Potentially offensive language flagged
Repetitive phrases
Repeated usage of adverbs
Repeated usage of adjectives
Verb choice and use of passive voice
Possible misspellings
Punctuation data
Subject matter book comps
Linguistic style comps
Four bestseller comps
Narrative arc and plot structure analysis
Story beats placement
Pacing analysis
Major characters’ personality traits
Subject analysis
Explicit content analysis
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What publishers are saying

“Marlowe has become a wonderful addition to our fiction manuscript review process. Our human assessment paired with the AI analysis allows us to provide authors with a level of feedback they appreciate and gives us, as the potential publisher, a well of information.”

Cortney Donelson
Associate Publisher, Morgan James Publishing

Frequently asked questions

Can I download or print the reports?

Absolutely! Once Marlowe runs the reports, it is emailed to you in PDF format. At that point, you can print or download it to your computer for permanent record-keeping.

What if I want additional reports?

You can purchase as many reports as you like, but the Pro Author Plan is designed for authors who want to run reports on a more frequent basis. We suggest you enroll in that plan if you love your Marlowe report and want more. Explore the Pro Author Plan.

Is my privacy or intellectual property or copyright at risk?

 No. As authors, we take intellectual property seriously. We give you the choice of whether to add your manuscript to our research database.

If you decline, then your work is immediately deleted from our servers after the analysis is run. If you opt into our knowledge base, your work remains anonymous and protected, and it won’t be available for anyone else to access. 

How long do I have to wait for a report?

In general, less than an hour! Whether you run the lite or full report, Marlowe is programmed to email you your novel’s report within an hour. Be sure to add [email protected] to your contact list to make sure she doesn’t end up in spam!

Can I see an example of a full A.I. report?

Of course. Check out our Sample Reports section above to see the full report in action.

Will I still need an editor or proofreader?

Marlowe’s report offers a great way to understand the structure, pacing and potential of your manuscript. And the report will point out many of the elements that a developmental editor or proofreader might identify, such as story beats, overuse of certain words, possible spelling mistakes and much more.

That said, unless you’re a really good editor as well as a good writer, we recommend that you work with real human beings to edit and proofread your work after you incorporate Marlowe’s feedback. Don’t forget beta readers, too.

Do I need to be good with technology to use Marlowe?

Not at all! As long as you can convert your manuscript into a Word or plain-text document, you’re good to go. We’ve made the whole process simple for authors. It’s Marlowe and her programmers who perform the technical wizardry.

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