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Alessandra Torre
June 30, 2020

Last week Authors A.I. co-founder J.D. Lasica and I sat down with Joe Solari, the creator of The Business of Writing podcast, which focuses on helping authors to improve their marketing, writing and business processes. Joe’s audience is very business-savvy and we were excited to share our thoughts about how artificial intelligence can help authors streamline their editing and rewrite process and take their storytelling to the next level.

Which begs the question … how does A.I. fit into the writing and publishing process?

We’ve named our artificial intelligence Marlowe. She acts as a developmental editor, one who can read your novels in minutes and provide a full report on content, plot structure, narrative beats, pacing, major characters’ personality traits, and a look at your writing and use of language — including a very useful cliché finder. She can be a great tool to use at multiple stages in your editorial process. Personally, I use Marlowe after each draft’s self-edits and before it gets to an editor’s desk. Her feedback has created cleaner drafts that require less costly editorial back and forths.



I ran my least successful novel through Marlowe and found that her report agreed with my readers’ feedback

Joe brought up the great point that Marlowe can be used to compare your previously published novels — both the hits and misses. I ran my least successful novel through Marlowe and found that her report agreed with my readers’ feedback — the action took way too long to begin. In Kindle Unlimited, a slow start can be the kiss of death for a novel and for your income from page reads. If I had run Marlowe on the failed novel pre-release, I could have spotted and fixed the issue. Lesson learned!

During the video chat, we do a live walk-through of a Marlowe Pro report (at the 19:20 mark), which does a nice job of showing the different elements that Marlowe reports on, and how you can use the feedback to improve your novel.

Joe asked some great questions and we had a lively discussion about A.I. and machine learning in fiction. To watch our full interview, click the below above.

Please chime in — how do you feel about using artificial intelligence in your writing and editing process?

About our interviewer

Joe Solari is an author, entrepreneur and consultant. Finding that many business owners struggle with the same problems, he has worked to create tools and systems to help passionate business owners professionalize their team and operations to achieve exceptional results. You can find out more about Joe at


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