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Free new A.I. tool for fiction authors

Today is a big day for our young company, Authors A.I. We’re officially adjusting our pricing model to offer a free introductory tier.

That’s right. We’re now offering a freemium service to the author community.

While we’ve signed up more members than we’d expected over our first four weeks, we have bigger aims. And too many authors still look at me sideways when I say that we’re using artificial intelligence to help them improve their novels.

Now you can see for yourselves — at no cost.

The initial skepticism is well placed. After all, data and technology aren’t exactly what you think of when you envision the writing and editorial process, and there’s been a lot of hype around A.I. But when it comes to edit your rough drafts, an intelligent analysis could be the key that uncovers the key strengths or weaknesses in your manuscript.

Dozens of authors have already signed up and sharing glowing testimonials about their experiences.

The narrative arc and plot structure of Stieg Larsson’s “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.”

The A.I. reports have been revelatory for many. For example, did you know that bestselling novels typically have 25% to 35% dialogue? How much dialogue was in your most recent novel? Most authors will give you a blank look, or toss out a guess with all of the certainty of a carnival weight-guesser. I happen to know that my most popular novel is at 21%, and my least popular novel is at 14%.

Our free tier will provide a 14-page analysis of your novel’s readability score, clichés, dialogue percentage, use of explicit words, overused adverbs and adjectives, misspellings & more

Dialogue is just one puzzle piece that makes up the anatomy of a great novel, but it’s a good example of how an A.I. analysis can show you your novel in ways you’ve never considered before. We are at the forefront of technology that’s able to chart the emotional high and low points of your novel and measure how fast and slowly a reader will read your scenes. That is an incredible opportunity for book editors and authors alike, and the next nine months — as our team works on extending the capabilities of our A.I., Marlowe — are going to deliver very exciting things to our industry.

With those advancements in mind, and with a desire to share our technology with as many authors as possible, we’ve decided to make to make our introductory A.I. report completely free. Our new Marlowe Basic Plan allows you to run your manuscripts through our A.I. and receive a 14-page Word doc with feedback on your novel’s readability score, clichés, dialogue percentage, use of explicit words, frequently used adverbs and adjectives, punctuation data and possible misspellings.

While the Basic report is a great, free way to sample Marlowe’s abilities, we anticipate that many authors will want a more thorough and advanced dive into their novel. That’s where the Marlowe Pro report shines. The Pro report delivers all of the items in the Basic report, plus it charts your story’s narrative arc, plot structure, story beats, pacing, character traits and more. We structured our pricing to be affordable to all authors, with Pro access starting at $29.95 a month or $199 a year.

We’re all excited about this next chapter in our startup’s own story arc. Please visit Authors A.I. and try out Marlowe for yourself. She’s fast, loves all genres and grows smarter with every novel she reads. I can’t wait to see if you love her as much as we do. Let us know what you think.

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