Digital Book World hosts coming-out party for our A.I. - Authors A.I.

Alessandra Torre
September 17, 2020

There’s a special sort of energy in the air when you get a group of people together who share a passion. It’s one of the reasons why I love to attend author conferences. Being surrounded by members of the book world, you’re reminded of why we are in this industry — the books. The stories. The characters. The readers.

This year conferences are taking a different path, going digital. Stages are replaced by Zoom, swag bags by downloable gifts, and sponsor office hours are now online. Digital Book World, one of the industry’s biggest annual events, knocked out a star-studded lineup from Monday to Wednesday this week, bringing out a star-studded lineup of industry executives and innovators in a nonstop stream-a-thon.

I took the Digital Book World stage on Monday and had a great time chatting A.I. and fiction with DBW executive producer Bradley Metrock. In the video above, you’ll get a great introduction to our new artificial intelligence, Marlowe. The talk also covers what we have planned for Authors A.I. and BingeBooks, our upcoming sister site. At the end, Bradley and I debate whether artificial intelligence will compete with author-written novels — and win. What do you think?

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Interested in running your own Marlowe Report? Click here to see Marlowe’s plans.


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