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JD Lasica
June 12, 2020

This is launch week for our new startup, Authors A.I., so we were jazzed that we received a quick invitation to appear on one of the leading video podcasts in the indie author community, the C&M Show. The “C” in C&M stands for Craig Martelle, impresario behind 20Books Vegas and chief honcho at the 40,000-member 20Booksto50K Facebook group founded by partner Michael Anderle (and there’s the “M”).

Craig looks a bit intense in that YouTube screenshot above but he’s one of the nicest guys I know — and he asked some incisive questions for someone who hadn’t even seen one of our A.I. reports.

Comparing your work against best-selling authors in your genre is the holy grail of fiction A.I.

Alessandra Torre, our company’s president, and I also fielded some questions from the authors in the BeLive/YouTube Live live-stream. A few centered on the next big milestone on our roadmap: the ability for authors to compare their work against best-selling authors in their genre.

That, in some ways, is the holy grail of fiction A.I. We don’t want to see a world where A.I. imitates the style and tone of a Stephen King or Nora Roberts novel. But we do want the A.I. to be able to show us what the top authors in the field are doing so we can decide whether to follow the same general pathway.

A.I. is about identifying patterns. It should never be used for cloning an author’s voice or imitating popular stories, like text spinner programs that will let someone “rewrite” a novel and pass it off as their own. In fiction, A.I. — properly used — lets us tease out the little tricks used by the masters that resonate with readers … so that we can make those readers happy as well.

As we say on the podcast, we just rolled out version 1.0 of Marlowe, our fiction-loving A.I., and will be improving her in the months and years to come. If you’re an author, we hope you’ll give us feedback that will help us educate Marlowe and improve the service so all authors can benefit.


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