FDF #9: Skeletons in Your Plot - Authors A.I.

Join us for a live video chat
Friday, Sept. 25, at 5 pm Eastern

(2 pm PT; 4 pm CT; 10 pm UK time)

Bestselling authors Steffanie Holmes (top) and Lucy Store (bottom)

Nothing is worse than sitting down to write and staring at a blank page for hours. Conventional writing wisdom suggests that if you plot your book out before you write a word, you’ll be able to move forward. But what if the idea of outlining your book beforehand makes you feel violently ill? How do you create a compelling plot while still allowing yourself to be surprised?

That’s where the Skeleton Drafting Method comes in — a technique that will help you get your book written faster.

In this First Draft Friday, bestselling paranormal romance/urban fantasy author Steffanie Holmes talks about her skeleton draft method. Steff writes a first draft for a book in a few days without any kind of plan or outline. She will share how she does it in this half-hour live chat with host Lucy Score, a bestselling romance author and founding author of Authors A.I.

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