Author careers

How to budget as a success-minded indie author

Here’s what to spend money on as an investment in your author career I chose the title of this article carefully. (Well, I am a writer!) Because there are two kinds of indie authors. The first kind simply needs to be able to say, ‘‘I published a book.’’ They can

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video podcast

Can A.I. really help authors with their fiction writing?

This is launch week for our new startup, Authors A.I., so we were jazzed that we received a quick invitation to appear on one of the leading video podcasts in the indie author community, the C&M Show. The “C” in C&M stands for Craig Martelle, impresario behind 20Books Vegas and

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Authors AI news

First Draft Friday kicks off with a bang

 What are the most common mistakes authors make in their writing? That is the question bestselling historical romance author Cecelia Mecca and I sat down to discuss in the first-ever First Draft Friday video chat for the author community! Sometimes you can sense these problems while writing. Other times

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Authors AI character traits

How an artificial intelligence judged my novel

  I stared at the email I had just composed. Wondering whether I had the courage to send it. My finger hovered over the mouse. The cursor alighted on the send button like a fly on a branch occupied by a chameleon. My heart beat just that little bit faster.

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