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Why authors need a professional book editor

On First Draft Friday, bestselling fantasy author Charlie N. Holmberg and veteran editor Jason Kirk discuss the benefits that a professional book editor can bring to an author’s writing career.

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Pomodoro Method
Author resources

Productivity hacks for writers

As writers and authors, productivity is our lifeblood. Here are six productivity tips from a bestselling thriller author who has written more than 65 books.

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Writer tips

How to master writing in a subgenre

Want to write to market? Know your subject matter before tackling your first draft Alot of people say write to market, but a lot of authors don’t seem to know what exactly that means. So here is my personal tick-list or framework for what I look at when I’m studying

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author at work

Spreading the author love

Authors A.I. announces its Refer-a-Friend program, which offers rewards for spreading the word about its artificial intelligence Marlowe. The A.I. helps authors improve a novel’s plot structure, pacing, story beats and more.

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Alessandra Torre & Matt Jockers
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How does an A.I. editor work?

In this video chat, Dr. Matthew Jockers explains how the fiction-focused artificial intelligence Marlowe can distinguish a great novel from a weak one and points out ways to improve it.

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