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First Draft Friday from Authors A.I. is back on Friday, September 10th with our guest author Stefan Emunds in a discussion with Alessandra Torre about the origins of story outline.

A story is a dramatized virtual adventure.
Likely, in the earliest days of storytelling, people took real-life adventures, like raiding a village, surviving a storm, escaping a death trap, or abducting a woman of another clan, gilded those with dramatic devices, and told the tale at the campfire.
Joseph Campbell analyzed those stories, extracted the dramatic devices, categorized them, and put them in a sequence. That became the Hero’s Journey. But since the Hero’s Journey is an outline of dramatic devices, it doesn’t show what a story really is, neither does it reveal story dynamics.
If we want to write true-to-life stories, we need to take a wide step back, analyze the dynamics of real-life adventures, and emulate that.

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