Authors A.I. ignites the future of writing with crowdfunding drive on StartEngine - Authors A.I.

SAN FRANCISCO, April 11, 2024 – Authors A.I., the pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) company revolutionizing the way authors write and market their books, announced today that it plans to launch an equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine. This groundbreaking initiative invites authors, book lovers and savvy investors to join Authors A.I.’s mission to empower creativity and enhance marketing outreach with AI.

Founded by a team of data scientists and best-selling authors, Authors A.I. has developed Marlowe, an advanced AI platform offering actionable insights for novelists. Marlowe reads manuscripts in seconds, delivering comprehensive reports that analyze writing style, plot arc, character personalities and more, comparing each work to bestsellers in similar genres.

“Our mission has always been to support authors in crafting better stories and achieving greater sales through the responsible use of AI,” said Alessandra Torre, co-founder and CEO of Authors A.I.. “With this crowdfunding campaign, we’re excited to expand our team, introduce new features and increase our global visibility.”

Torre cited several reasons why Authors A.I. may be an attractive investment opportunity even for those who don’t consider themselves professional investors:

  • Low entry point: People can invest at a price as low as $250 for 250 shares, plus bonus shares and rewards depending on the timing and tier level chosen.
  • Expert team: Founders include Matthew Jockers, Ph.D., the developer of an algorithm that predicted New York Times bestsellers with 83% accuracy. 
  • Impressive roster of backers: Shareholders include 108 bestselling authors who reach more than 20 million readers worldwide.
  • Industry leadership: The company is positioned to become an industry leader in AI for storytelling, with applications that span publishing, streaming media, movies and more.

Innovative features and services

Authors A.I. offers Marlowe Basic, a free introductory service, and Marlowe Pro, its paid flagship product providing instant manuscript critiques. The 34-page full-color reports include readability scores, cliché detection, analysis of narrative arc and story beats, and much more, catering to both aspiring and established authors.

The future of storytelling

Campaign funds raised will support full-time staffing, product development, marketing initiatives and community building. With plans to expand overseas and introduce advanced recommendation technologies, Authors A.I. is set to revolutionize how stories are told and discovered.

Support our mission

Most tech companies sell shares only to venture capital firms or angel investors. Authors A.I. is going the crowdfunding route, making a limited number of shares available at the grassroots level. “We hope authors, readers and small investors everywhere will consider investing in Authors A.I. to become part of a community-centric venture at the forefront of the self-publishing revolution,” Torre said.

Authors A.I. is targeting its crowdfunding campaign to go live in early May 2024. To be notified of the exact date, people can sign up on the company website: An investment opportunity in Authors A.I.

About Authors A.I.

Authors A.I. puts artificial intelligence into the hands of published and aspiring authors. The company, founded by bestselling fiction authors, helps fellow authors modernize their self-editing process to write books that find large readerships. Its flagship product, Marlowe, does not use generative AI and instead provides feedback to authors on how to improve their manuscripts. 

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