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SAN FRANCISCO, December 5, 2023 – Authors A.I., the service that helps authors craft better books through feedback from an artificial intelligence, today announced a major new product line geared toward readers, publishers and book retailers.

Dubbed Marlowe Recommends, the technology uses an advanced form of machine learning and collaborative filtering for book recommendations. Sites like Amazon, Kobo and Barnes & Noble typically recommend “books like this” based on sales data or metadata. In contrast, Marlowe Recommends delves deep into the narrative elements of thousands of stories, identifying key ingredients that resonate with readers. This approach allows for far more precise recommendations based on a comprehensive analysis of a book’s subject matter and writing style.

“Since 2020, Marlowe, our fiction-savvy AIt, has provided valuable insights about the components of a great story to authors and editors,” said Alessandra Torre, Authors A.I. CEO. “Now we’re extending our industry-leading A.I. solutions to help readers discover their next favorite read.”

Marlowe Recommends, an extension of the original analytical tool Marlowe, aims to revolutionize how readers find books they love. Authors A.I.’s team of data scientists and bestselling authors has devised a suite of technology solutions designed to benefit readers, book publishers, audiobook retailers and online bookstores.

“As writers, our goal is to connect with our readers,” said Torre, who is also a bestselling suspense author. “We strongly believe that artificial intelligence can be used in ways that are positive for authors, readers and publishers. Marlowe Recommends does just that by dissecting the plot, pacing, story beats and narrative drive of a book and finding comparable titles based on subject matter or writing style.”

Authors A.I.’s commitment to ethical use of AI ensures that Marlowe Recommends enhances, rather than replaces, the essential role of authors in the literary world. To witness the capabilities of Marlowe Recommends for publishers, retailers and literary enthusiasts, please request a demo.

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