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Fiction analyses for teachers, writing coaches & students

The A.I.-powered fiction analysis tool from Authors A.I. has garnered a great deal of interest and praise from eduators and academic institutions. As a result, we’ve established a dedicated program to help foster creativity and academic rigor in colleges, graduate programs and even high school. 

AI in classroom

The Authors A.I. Education Program provides instructors, academic institutions, students, and writing coaches with important insights and objective, actionable feedback on manuscripts submitted. You’ll be able to study and analyze public domain, historic, and contemporary works of fiction — as well as to improve students’ creative works of fiction across all popular genres. Qualified individuals and academic institutions participating in our Education Program can generate 25 to 200 A.I. analyses per quarter at deeply discounted prices. Each analysis is powered by Marlowe 2.0, our artificial intelligence, which provides near-instant analyses of Word or text manuscripts (but, importantly, does not write fiction). 

With the Authors A.I. Education Program:

  • Participants receive special discounted pricing tailored to their specific requirements.  
  • Instructors can shed new light on classic novels or analyze diverse voices from emerging authors.
  • Students will learn the importance of pacing, character development, narrative arc, story beats and much more by comparing manuscripts to bestselling titles in the same genre and those with similar writing styles.

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What Educators are Saying

“Students in my AP Computer Science Principles class greatly benefited from our discussion of Authors AI. Recently, we completed a unit on the use of data. Now, we study the impact of societal innovations. The report from Marlowe speaks to both. We talked about Plot Structure for best sellers as compared to my novel. One student said, ‘Authors could also use this to pace their plot (the time between dips and highs).’ In this case, my novel closely followed one of the seven archetypes. Win!”

Michael Blackwell
Mathematics instructor, Newberg School District, Oregon