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Authors A.I. launches Refer-a-Friend program for fellow authors

Since our launch last month, Authors A.I. has achieved a number of milestones as our community of authors continues to grow. Today we have another exciting announcement: the launch of our new Refer-a-Friend program!

Have you used Marlowe, our fiction-loving artificial intelligence, and found it useful for your fiction writing? Starting today you’ll earn a $20 credit for every friend or colleague who signs up for a paid plan. Just click on a social sharing service below and spread the word with your built-in unique referral link. Just click and share:




That’s all it takes! Go ahead and try it out.☝☝ If you are already a Marlowe Pro annual or monthly member, credits in your account will accrue and remain until your next renewal date. If you’re a free member, they will be in your account and waiting for you when you upgrade.

Ready to participate? Just make sure you’re logged in, then click on the links above. Thank you for spreading the word about Marlowe and Authors A.I.!

Organic word of mouth

It’s been a crazy ride already here at our startup by and for authors. We’ve added new features, simplified our back-end processes and added a free tier for members — all based on the feedback, support and ideas we receive from our fellow authors. And when we look at our traffic sources, our members have been our strongest advocates in the author community.

Our rock-star members (that’s you!) have brought us onto their podcasts, posted about us in author groups, introduced us to publishers and editors, and become valuable members of our ever-growing Facebook group (please join!). It is with those members in mind that we rolled out our Refer-a-Friend initiative to reward those who tell others about Authors A.I. or Marlowe in an honest, authentic way.

We appreciate your help and support!

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