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Four-Act Fiction Writing

Lou Aronica
Author Lou Aronica
Most writers are familiar with the concept of the three-act structure. But a deep dive into story composition shows that it is more accurate to look at most novels in terms of four acts. The plot structure and narrative beats features shown by Marlowe (the Authors A.I. self-editing tool) bear this out. And looking at your fiction in terms of four acts (actually eight, but we’ll get to that) offers you the best chance to keep readers engaged throughout.
Lou Aronica, Publisher of The Story Plant and New York Times bestselling author, and John Adcox CEO of Gramarye Media and author of the just-released novel Raven Wakes the World will discuss four-act structure with Alessandra Torre, using the Marlowe analysis of Raven Wakes the World as the foundation for this conversation. 

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Author John Adcox
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